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It is customary for a Host Venue to host a Chaîne function as a promotion for their establishment, as an opportunity for their staff to demonstrate what they can achieve and grow professionally, and by wine merchants as an opportunity to showcase their wines. This is reflected by pricing the event on an “at cost” basis, often by the presentation to diners of an innovative souvenir of the experience, and by recording the event with photographs. We work with Host Venue to create the event, but the elements on which the success of your evening will be decided are inter alia:

  • The manner and location in which the Host Venue receives us as we assemble
  • The Reception Food and Wine
  • The Environment of the Meal including the use of Chaîne banners
  • Balance and Progression in the Menu
  • Presentation of the dishes
  • Pleasurable Surprise in the Food (it is not expected that the Host Venue will provide its normal menu items)
  • The Wines, matched to each course, progressing in quality through the meal, and surprising us wherever possible
  • The Quality Speed and Timing of Service
  • The manner in which the dishes and wines are presented
  • The Souvenir At the end of the meal we discuss the experience, and present certificates to the service and kitchen brigades.


i Formal Events (c 3 p.a.)

  • We wear evening dress with our membership chains, and consequently the venue must be air conditioned
  • We expect a Fine Dining Service.
  • Generally a significant number of courses are expected, perhaps 8. d. Typical Price Range: Baht 5,000

ii Dîners Amicaux (c 4 p.a.)

  1. We dress appropriately to the venue and wear membership chains.
  2. We give the venue the opportunity to surprise us with their Service
  3. It is appropriate to develop a strong theme for a Dîner Amical
  4. Generally a significant number of courses are expected, perhaps 6.
  5. Typical Price Range: Baht 3,500 – 5,000

iii Dîners Amicaux Dominés Par Vin (c 1 p.a)

  • The principal aim is to showcase the wine, and the food is judged as complementing the wine rather than vice-versa.
  • We dress appropriately to the venue and wear membership chains.
  • We give wine-merchants the opportunity to surprise us with his wines
  • We give the venue the opportunity to surprise us with their Food and Service
  • Generally a significant number of courses are expected, perhaps 6. f. Typical Price Range: Baht 3,500 – 5,000

iv Dîners pour L’Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs (c 1 p.a)

  • These events specialise in the appreciation and understanding of wines, spirits, liqueurs and eaux de vie.
  • We dress appropriately to the venue and wear membership chains.
  • We give wine-merchants the opportunity to surprise us with their wines spirits, liqueurs and eaux de vie. The wines should be of a type not normally associated with Chaîne events.
  • We give the venue the opportunity to surprise us with their Food and Service.
  • Generally a significant number of courses are expected, perhaps 6. f. Typical Price Range: Baht 3,500 – 5,000

v Casual Events (c 2 p.a)

  • The principal aim is conviviality, and the event is held outside a normal catering venue, e.g. on a beach, in a boat, or at a private home.
  • We dress appropriately to the venue and wear membership chains.
  • We give wine-merchants the opportunity to surprise us with wines
  • We try to surprise ourselves with the Food
  • Food may be free form, buffet, or served..
  • Typical Price Range: Baht 2,500 – 5,000 We normally charge our members the cost as quoted by the venue, however there are exceptions. We usually charge non-members more and use any surplus to defray additional expenses such as tips for venue staff. On rare occasions we subsidise some costs for members from Bailliage funds.


To assist host venues fully to understand the expectations of those attending a Chaîne function and to help them meet those expectations we outline below the Procedures that cover the normal requirements of a function for Le Bailliage Régional de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs de Phuket en Thaïlande. We encourage close co-operation between the Regional Council and the host venue, and if there is any doubt please contact one of the Council members whose details are listed at the end of this document.


The first contact between Phuket Chaîne and a potential Host Venue will be made by a member of our Regional Council. The following details may be discussed:

  • Suitable dates
  • Type of Function (Dîner Amical; Formal Dinner, Dîner Amical Dominé par Vin, Dîners pour Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs or Other Type)
  • Possible Themes for the function
  • Number of diners who can be accommodated
  • Suitable dates for the Tasting
  • We shall also discuss other Reception details

This initial contact will be followed up by the Chaîne Council Member reporting to the Regional Council, and confirmation will be agreed with the Host Venue. The Host Venue will submit to the Regional Council: a menu, wine list and suggested theme, and the cost per diner. The initial discussions may take place well in advance of the actual event. The Host Venue is encouraged to find wine sponsors to minimise the cost.


The purpose of the Tasting is to ensure the proposed menu, wine list and theme is appropriate for the function. The tasting is to be included in the overall cost of the event, and not charged separately. The Tasting will be attended by the Tasting Panel which shall include representatives of the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and the Host Venue, seated at the table The Host Venue will provide at least one sample of each dish to be served at the function with the proposed matching wine. These will be tasted by the Tasting Panel, and time should be allowed between courses to discuss and agree each. Substitute wines must be available at the tasting in case the proposed wine does not match the actual food. If, by general consensus, changes are required in wine or food then the Host Venue will comply with the decisions of the Tasting Panel.


Our Members and Guests consider a Function for La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs to be a very Special Occasion and the Host Venue is encouraged to meet or exceed those high expectations. We encourage the Host Venue to offer a sense of ‘theatre and drama’ thus adding to the occasion. Participating staff should be fully briefed on their roles and contribution to the evening. The Host Venue will receive before the day of the event the banners and stand-up banner for use at the function. The seating plan, will be prepared by the Chaîne Council and emailed to the Venue so that a seating plan may be posted by the venue and name cards prepared and distributed if required. The Host Venue may wish to have some guests of its own at the event. This must be agreed at the Preliminary Meeting. Normally we will seat such additional guests among our members rather than seat them separately, allowing wherever possible for requests to be seated with fellow language speakers or with friends.


The function will commence with the arrival of members and guests – assistance with car parking should be offered if necessary. A typical timetable for a Chaîne function for Le Bailliage Régional de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs de Phuket en Thaïlande is:
7.00 p.m. Reception with amuse bouches
7.30 p.m. Pre-dinner group photographs
7.40 p.m. “Dinner is served” – water glasses are already charged
7.45 p.m. Bailli’s opening remarks
7.50 p.m. Venue Representative introduces the food and wine
7.55 p.m. Wine service starts
8.00 p.m. First course is served
10.30 p.m. Coffee is served & ashtrays are provided (if smoking permitted)**
10.35 p.m. Bailli offers his appreciation of the meal and wines

Bailli invites Kitchen & Service Brigades to enter the dining area Bailli presents Certificates of Appreciation with individual photos Group photo of Kitchen & Service brigades with Regional Council 10.50 p.m. Cigars & Liqueurs are offered (normally on a cash basis only). If smoking is not permitted in the area where dinner has been served then coffee, tea etc. will be served at a location where smoking is allowed. The Venue often provides a short list of digestifs at attractive prices to encourage members to stay after the meal is over. Depending on the timing and location, the venue may wish to make arrangements for overnight accommodation for diners at attractive rates.


A Feedback takes place a week or so after the actual event. The purpose of the Feedback is to ensure the Host Venue understands our view of the event, and the conditions under which we would return to the venue for a future event. It also gives the Venue a chance to describe its experiences of the event, and raise any matters which might be covered before future events that would assist other Venues. The Feedback is typically attended by the same representatives who attended the tasting.


  • Timetable for the evening (see Part C: The Function). We will distribute our Council Members around the table(s). They are distinguished by their Blue Collars. If our members cause any delays, please request the nearest Council Member to attend to it.
  • Location of Reception – formal dinners in an air-conditioned room – diners amical and dîners pour l’ordre mondial des gourmets dégustateurs in a cool environment.
  • Dining area – FORMAL DINNERS in an airconditioned room – DINERS AMICAL and DÎNERS POUR L’ORDRE MONDIAL DES GOURMETS DÉGUSTATEURS preferably in an air-conditioned room or in an area that has a free flow of cooling air so that perceived room temperature does not exceed 24 degrees Celsius
  • Table layout – the usual options are tables of 8, Nelson Table or U-shape. Individual tables are often preferable as they allow both service staff and diners a more relaxed evening.
  • Normally no condiments are on the table as we wish to taste the food as Chef prepares it.
  • Type of food service (simultaneous or otherwise with adequate staffing – normal ratio: 1 member of service staff to 4 diners)
  • No choice of food is offered as the food and matching wine have been agreed at the tasting. However, where a member is unable to consume specific foods for whatever reason, special arrangements may be made for that diner with advance warning. There is no need to change the wine selection for that diner. Methods of wine preparation (with the cooperation of our Vice-Echanson).
  • Wine service should occur before the food is served, course by course, with adequate staff (a normal ratio that works 1 sommelier to 8 diners). Wine glasses should not be refilled since wine cannot be guaranteed to be from the same bottle. If there is to be additional wine, a fresh glass will be required. However, the easiest service is for the venue to pour the whole allotment of a given wine at one time.
  • No choice of wine is offered as the match between food and wine will have been agreed at the tasting.
  • The introduction of all the food and wine is expected to be by the responsible managers from the venue. Some venues use an external Sommelier. The most usual method is to introduce each course in advance, except for that offered as we gather, which is typically done later.
  • Arrangements for smokers (there is no smoking at the table until the food service is complete)
  • Presentation of certificates for named staff on the night, and presentation of photographs after the function
  • Post dinner sales of cigars and liqueurs
  • Possible provision of entertainment before/during the meal
  • Applications of the agreed Theme including: Table decorations; Menu design; Souvenir or memento presentation
  • Payment procedure
  • Role of photographer
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